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Hide details for IMAP ServerIMAP Server
MHAN95ALMNProvide a new notes.ini IMAPCopyMessageLimit=n to limit the number of messages that can be copied in one IMAP command. This is to prevent a...
MCAL9XDQGNServer - IMAP - Improved IMAP performance.
Hide details for LDAP ServerLDAP Server
KKRYB88KGAFixed a crash where LDAP would crash with ERROR - LockMemHandle() Handle 0xC0180478 is not allocated.
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
ANIABA72QRLotusScript - Enables NotesDateFormat notes.ini parameter to change date format. Use NotesDateFormat=2 for setting YMD format.
DCONB8F6JVLotusScript - Fixed a problem where LotusScript NotesJsonArray was returning an error when process non ascii characters.
DCONB8VMAVLotusScript - Fixed a problem where NotesJSONNavigator was unable to parse json content that was greater than 64K
PALTB8ANZNLotusScript - Fixed a problem in NotesSession ConvertMime where temporary files were being created in the wrong directory at times.
DCONBB44T4LotusScript - Fixed a crash when using Session.createJSONNavigator.
ASHEB95LFRLotusScript - Fixed a problem where NotesJSONNavigator was unable to navigate a string which contained new lines and carriage...
JJOEAJ5S9ZLotusScript - Fixed a problem in NotesRichTextNavigator - BeginInsert method where error message 'Error: Position is not valid. On...
KHORB6FRV6LotusScript - Fixed a crash in NotesDocument.ReplaceItemValue when invalid input arguments were sent in.
JCORB7ENX8DQL: Fixed a problem where DominoQuery class allowed for only a small number of Documents or View Entries to be scanned. Now MaxScanDocs and...
JCORBB2KWUFixed a problem where NotesHTTPRequest was unable to support a String arg greater than 64K in a Post or Put request.
CTSI8T4SRZLotusScript - Fixed a possible dead lock on a null semaphore where the semaphore was deleted then used by the LSXBE classes.
DCONBB2KNRProgrammability - JSON - Fixed an issue where JSON wasn't reading in empty values correctly. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1...
Hide details for LotusScript EditorLotusScript Editor
GFALB2AHG6Designer - Fixed a problem where the Short Cut keys were not working in LotusScript editor. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1...
Hide details for MailMail
PPRTB7DFW6iNotes - Added new ini setting, iNotes_WA_ReplyToAll_RemoveSentBy=0, to allow option to override removal of sentby from cclist on...
Hide details for MIMEMIME
CEMABAVNMTSMTP Import - Fixed a rare intermittent issue where an inbound MIME message's To: or CC: headers were being dropped during SMTP import processing. ...
NBFOBAH73YFix an issue that could cause an extra CRLF to be appended to text file attachments sent via SMTP.
Hide details for PreferencesPreferences
SNIRBA28VDFixed a Notes client crash that occurred when opening Preferences -> Fonts, Colors and Themes panel repeatedly. This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for ReplicationReplication
BSPRB9WL29Replication - Added logging to detect a replication formula note which specifies NO notes classes to replicate.
Show details for RouterRouter


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